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The Neptune City-Saturn Town Review (for the Far-flung Future Year of 2020)

5 Apr

To those science fiction writers born at the closure of the nineteenth century, who filled pulp magazines to overflowing with their wild yarns of wondrous fantasy and scientific speculations, the year 2020 would always be constrained to merely an element of their popular fiction, the definition of an unreachable far-flung future. 2020 is certainly a milestone which they were all envious to witness, and they would count us blessed to occupy this no-longer-distant point in time.

Time moves forward, and moments of hardship relinquish with time’s passage. Fortunately, the virtues of inspiration and imagination have a greater and more permanent influence, carried majestically down time’s generational current. Always remember our own distant point to mark along time’s duration, our own far-flung future to dream over, and build up our own impossibilities around.

Time is an exciting concept in this way: a distance traveled toward new perspectives.

P.S. I have been asked what the Beatnik Fox has been up to lately. He has recently shared with me his own suggested viewing guide which he painstakingly complied, and hopes that I will pass it along to our readers. All to make sure that everyone gets his and her needed infusion of comedy.

These include some of Foxy’s all-time personal favorites, and he has a right to his unique sources of inspiration. Suggested films found within his viewing repertoire are:  Mystery Men, The Pink Panther Strikes Again, Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie,  The Burbs, Batman & Robin, and Return of the Killer Tomatoes. He also insists on plenty of iCarly reruns, as well as catching the brilliant new show Danger Force.  This material also happens to be pretty family friendly, and that’s always a good thing.

Take care, and always remember: Freedom is Ink on the Page!


200th Post

19 Apr

The Beatnik Fox, on the street corner stands; a volume of collage held tight in his hand. Inked paper pasted to ring out with visual tone; a dream-like jumble of poetry and single panel cartoons. Hurried but patient, monumental but quiet; a message-in-the-bottle proclaiming all he required. “Freedom is Ink on the Page,” he proudly reported; “such a season of creativity so carefully recorded.”

Nickelodeon just parodied one of my characters. Its about time!

31 Mar

Hi everyone. Exciting news. Nickelodeon’s supercool television show “Knight Squad” just parodied my long-running super hero character “The Mighty Glider” (they called him “The Great Glider” on tonight’s program. Very funny, guys).  Talk about an honor.

I’ve been publishing my Glider stories for so many years now, and am just glad that people are still enjoying them (trivial note: the character was first introduced in print within the crisp pages of Monmouth University’s “The Outlook” over a decade ago, though I actually created my personal bastion of heroism over a quarter century ago. Yikes! Time sure flies).

Nickelodeon has always been a wonderful network, with top flight programing (and their writers obviously have impeccable taste in super heroes). Not only did all of those neat European cartoons on “Pinwheel” have a big impact on me early on, the Nickelodeon influence even colored my scholastic career as well, since one of my best teachers at Monmouth was the guy who originally dreamed the whole network up while serving on the board of Warner Communications back in the day (and yes, he was super cool, and very humble).

If any of have yet to check out The Mighty Glider’s adventures, Amazon currently has a preview of “The Beatnik Fox Almanack” which features a big dose of The Glider over at the following link:

Well, that’s all for now, and remember folks: Freedom is Ink on the Page.

P.S. I hope the WordPress chosen advertisements  aren’t interfering with any readers perusing my blog. I have no control over the ads they pick or their placement on the page. I think that advertising can be overwhelming at times, but at least WordPress offers such a wonderful piece of cyberspace to use, to help us all share our art and inspirations.



Song of the Decade

6 Jan

As publisher of Neptune City-Saturn Town, one of the perks of the job includes the time-honored ability to accord special commendation now and then. “Song of the Decade” is an extra special category to consider, and while there is still technically the entire year of 2019 left to assess, I am confident that no superior work is capable of being unleashed upon the public during the remaining months. “Raining Sunshine” by Miranda Cosgrove was intended to be the choice for this honor, however it came to my attention that the song’s release date occurred in the fall of 2009, barely missing qualification for such a topflight recognition.

At the same time, it occurs to me that “decades” as a cultural movement are not strictly defined by mathematical exactitude, with the parameters of each new generation being established more by the trendsetter than by any authoritative calendar. For example, rock n’ roll historians always say “the 60’s,” when they really mean a distinct cultural period from about the mid-to-late 1960’s all the way into the first few introductory years of the 1970’s.

I could avoid all of the controversy by simply saying that Miranda Cosgrove’s fun harmony “Raining Sunshine” merits the honor of being “Song of the Past Ten Years,” but even this new parameter would disqualify such a wonderful composition, since it came out less than a full ten years ago (it isn’t autumn yet, you know).

Given the flexibility of the term “decade” in a cultural sense, coupled with the fact that this is my blog and I can do what I want to, it seems appropriate that the initial choice remains the right one.

Therefore, Neptune City-Saturn Town officially recognizes “Raining Sunshine” by Miranda Cosgrove as Song of the Decade.

Pass it on.

A Heavenly Thought

28 Nov

Heaven must be starting its very own comic book company and needed Stan “The Man” Lee to do the dynamic writing and Stephen “Sponge Boy” Hillenburg to do all the zany artwork. I bet it will be a masterpiece. They really were a couple of true talents.



10 May


Foxy’s Mail Bag

7 May

Hi everyone. I’ve been hard at work on a new 200 page book (written, illustrated, designed, and self-published by yours truly, and starring everybody’s favorite Beatnik Fox). Taking a little breather from such immersive work, I thought it would be interesting to answer at least one of the many questions I’ve recently received.

One observant reader asks:

“Did Christian-based computer game programmer Scott Cawthon name his Five Nights at Freddy’s robots “Foxy” and “Chica” as a homage to your long-running “Foxy and Chick” cartoon characters?”

Great question! I had actually never heard of anything called Five Nights at Freddy’s prior to your letter, and didn’t have a clue what you could be referencing.

My curiosity was certainly piqued though, and I immediately launched a methodical investigation into the matter which would have made the late Edgar Allan Poe himself beam with deductive pride (drawing as I did upon the available journalistic evidence of the press, from which logical deductions were carefully achieved).

While the totality of my “Foxy” characters were created during the mid-90’s, these dearly cherished imaginary friends first gained wide publication in the opportune college press scene beginning in 2007. The Foxy Gang has continually been kept in print (in one medium or another) ever since, including a series of self-published books available from such international booksellers as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

In early 2013, I finally entered the cyber age by launching my very own Neptune City-Saturn Town blog (the one you wonderful readers are perusing right this minute)featuring many of my “Foxy” characters in full-color, single panel cartoons, focusing primarily on the romance of my great lovers Foxy and Chick. By the happy summer of that year I enjoyed additional visions of grandeur and branched out into video by adding a YouTube channel to my growing “media empire,” to spotlight a few experimental cartoons I created, each starring lovey-dovey Foxy and Chick as well.

The summer of 2013 was the most eventful year for this humble little blog, when I posted a series of short interviews with a hand full of leading cartoonists and entertainment personalities called “The Truth About Rejection,” the first installment of which actually went viral, and even got some unexpected coverage in a August 6th, 2013 Heidi MacDonald article for the prominent comic book industry arbiter The Comics Beat. You can read that here at:

I had only imagined that a few struggling artists might chance to see the online rejection spots, and hopefully be sustained and inspired enough to persevere. I’ll also admit that I needed a pretty big booster-shot of encouragement as well, given a virulent strain of disappointment occurring in my own career. I would never have anticipated the degree of attention my blog was accorded, and on such a fathomless international stage as the Internet.

According to a smattering of online interviews and reports, Mr. Cawthon was having his own share of artistic frustrations. Five Nights at Freddy’s, a video game starkly parodying the world famous Chuck E. Cheese’s animatronics, proved to be the cure-all for his woes. First released in the summer of 2014, his video game was released almost a year to the day after both my blog and Foxy & Chick characters had gained so much international exposure.

It is of additional interest to note that CHUCK E. CHEESE’S very own founder, the amazing Nolan Bushnell, was one of the enormously charitable participants in my “Truth About Rejection” series of articles which so defined (with utmost positivity) 2013 in my recollection.

Based upon the evidence placed before us, it becomes a simple matter to connect the applicable dots. I believe we may safely deduce that the naming of Mr. Cawthon’s robots surely must have been meant as a homage to my own dear Foxy and Chick, a clever nod I shall accept with sincerest humility as an act of good faith.

Thank you for bringing this definite homage to my attention. Without your astute letter, the honor would have passed me by, wholly unnoticed.

And remember folks: Freedom is Ink on the Page!