“Neptune City-Saturn Town” is the long running cartoon feature created by artist Brian Blackmon. Originally serialized in Monmouth University’s college newspaper The Outlook from fall 2007 to spring 2010, it was continued throughout 2012 in a series of independently produced pamphlets: “The Alternative Beat of the Beatnik Fox,” “Neptune City-Saturn Town and the Different People,” and “The Wit & Wisdom of the Beatnik Fox.” Now it has gone online!

Don’t forget to check out Amazon and Barnes & Noble for the newest Beatnik Fox books, published by Neptune City-Saturn Town Press.

Legal Notice: “The Beatnik Fox” is owned and copyrighted  © 1996-2018 by Brian Joseph Blackmon. “The Beatnik Fox” title is the proprietary trademark of B. J. B. as recognized under the prevailing laws of the land. “Neptune City-Saturn Town” and entire contents (including all fictional character likenesses) copyright © 1991-2018 Brian J. Blackmon. All rights reserved. Characters and situations which provide subject matter for the fiction and semi-fiction featured herein are of a stanchly fictional basis, and any perceived similarities to actuality (unless utilized in a fictitious and satirical manner) are unintended and should not be inferred.


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