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31 Aug

[This is probably my most reprinted work, and a personal favorite: having appeared in Monmouth University’s THE OUTLOOK; NEPTUNE CITY-SATURN TOWN & THE DIFFERENT PEOPLE; and THE BEATNIK FOX’S FASHIONABLE NUMBER. It has been long overdue for a fresh reprinting after a number of years sadly out-of-print.]

The girl continued her walk down the sidewalks of the city, to the café

The cool, new, spring breeze blew her black, short cut hair, and fluttered her long, white dress dotted with pink flowers

Her black, gold-buckled shoes clicked down the street, as her carefree smile shone brightly her lovely innocence

She entered the café, and sat down at a table close to the stage, with tea on its way

A man, dressed in a yellow tee-shirt and brown pants, with blond hair, was talking

Not “talk” talk, but soul talk: Of trees and beauty and many other things, thrown out quick and fast in the rhythm of a true artist

The lights drew sweat from his brow, and he ended his poem with the words LOVE and PEACE

The girl’s tea was ready, and she sipped it quite daintily

Then, as another poet spoke, she took out her sketchbook, which she had carried under her arm and began to sketch the stage and the poet, who was telling his heart in rhymes

She was a poet in her own right, except in pictures

As the evening dawned, she left the café, her sketchbook again tucked under her arm, and began her long walk homeward, tired but good spirited

Her black, gold-buckled shoes clip-clopping down the sidewalks of the city.