The Truth About Rejection…Brian Blackmon

16 Jun

I recently had the very cool experience of being interviewed for an upcoming article about art (my favorite topic) for the Ocean County College alumni publication Ocean Views. I don’t know how much of my take on things will end up making it into print when the issue comes out later this summer, but I wanted to share herein what I had to say about dealing with rejection, for the benefit of all of you nifty and much appreciated Neptune City-Saturn Town blog subscribers (your blogs are very awesome, I might add) and book series readers. Hope this helps:

Never take rejection seriously; it is only up to the artist to decide the true merit of their own work, for it is the artist who creates the goal which inspires the work, and therefore is the only authority regarding the degree of success achieved through the completion of the work. Interpret each new art piece as an additional step taken toward further improvement, and accept and celebrate any perceived faults inherent in your style or execution, for faults are unique and individual and create a distinctive voice. Always believe in yourself, and get your work out there as soon as you can: you never know the positive and lasting impact the addition of your artistic presence can create. 


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