Hypothetical Casting, or an Exercise in Whimsy

6 Jun

Hypothetically: if I was living back in the 1950’s, and Neptune City-Saturn Town was the #1 syndicated comic strip in America,  and MGM wanted to adapt my work for the big budget Technicolor silver screen, who would I cast as the Beatnik Fox?

After much deliberation…

Gene Kelly would be my ideal choice for good ol’ Foxy. Very easygoing persona.

Audrey Hepburn would be perfect as Foxy’s sister Tawney (you’d have to be reading the books to find out about her).

And breathtaking Doris Day as Foxy’s blushing bride Chick.

Simon Lotsamoney (Chick’s Uncle, and the owner of the Lotsamoney Café) could be portrayed to a tee by a slim Orson Welles.

Yul Brynner would deliver an Oscar Winning performance as Dr. Sananiko/Little Hawk (again, read those books to catch up on all the plot developments).

If they wanted to make the film like George Pal’s “The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm” and have a bunch of autobiographical stuff thrown in to make it all a framework narrative kind of thing, who would play me? I say wholeheartedly… Jimmy Stewart! After all, I think his role in Harvey makes him more than qualified. If you dwell on it for any length of time there really isn’t much difference between Elwood P. Dowd talking to a six-foot tall invisible rabbit, and me devoting most of my life to drawing an imaginary fox with a little pair of pants for him to wear, and a little turtleneck, and a beret. Especially that self-portrait which Dowd paints of he and Harvey together. I think it hits a little too close to home (laughter).

Sigh. One can dream.


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