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A Moment of Silence for Christine Cavanaugh

31 Dec

In the middle of our celebrations welcoming in a brand new, wonderful year, all of us at Neptune City-Saturn Town (which would be me and my roster of imaginary cartoon characters) wish to have a moment of silence in memory of the breathtakingly beautiful and astoundingly talented voice actress Christine Cavanaugh, who passed away this month at the too-young age of 51.

I think that Ms. Cavanaugh provided voice work for just about every great animated series of the 1990’s (the original ABC version of Sonic the Hedgehog, Darkwing Duck, Real Monsters, Rugrats, Dexter’s Lab, etc) , and she (along with Tress MacNeille) will always be my absolute favorites from that vital aspect of the animation experience.

Her work certainly brought endless joy to the last few generations of loyal Saturday Morning Cartoon watchers, and her contributions will forever be a cherished part of childhood for so many.

Actually, when I come to think of it,  it wasn’t just Saturday Mornings that we got to enjoy her wonderful personas. During the bygone 1990’s animation was so popular here in the States that American television stations used to regularly air cartoons every weekday as well, before and after school–plus all the prime time experimental stuff, like The Critic! Christine Cavanaugh’s voice could literally be heard 7 days a week, 365 days a year!!! Those really were the days. Sigh!

I think I’m going to pop in one of my old video tapes of Darkwing Duck right now, and relive a little bit of that past era. Auld Lang Syne, and all that: Should old cartoonists and voice actresses be forgot, and never brought to mind?…

Happy New Year!


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24 Dec

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