“SAM & CAT” OVER?!?!

11 Jul

According to television commercials currently airing around the clock on Nickelodeon, the great Dan Schneider show “Sam & Cat” is currently down to only two final episodes. At least Nick is making up for this travesty by showing reruns of iCarly and other Schneider classics all summer long. It helps.

Hopefully super-talented Jennette McCurdy will be returning to television screens soon. I think she would be perfect as the star of a kid-friendly skit-show where her creative energies could really have a chance to shine the brightest (let’s face it, she can sing, dance, do impressions, the works!). Just watch her performances in the recommended “Best Player” and “Swindle” to see what I mean.

Include the hilarious Jerry Trainor and musically inclined Drake Bell in the cast, and I’d watch it over SNL any day.

One can dream, but only time will tell.


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