Another Neptune City-Saturn Town Classic

16 Mar

Another Neptune City-Saturn Town Classic

This was the very first “Neptune City-Saturn Town” cartoon published in Monmouth University’s The Outlook (from the September 19th, 2007 issue), and was the Beatnik Fox’s 2nd appearance in print (Ocean County College’s Viking News was graced with his print debut a few months earlier).

I think about sixty different “Neptune City-Saturn Town” cartoons ended up appearing in The Outlook altogether (along with over thirty-something articles on all kinds of fun topics which I found interesting. I was never assigned anything, and ended up covering everything from Shari Lewis to Superman. They must have liked what I had to say).

It certainly was a dream come true to see all of these personal characters which I had been drawing for more than a decade prior finally get the chance to see the light of day and be enjoyed by others.

Sigh. Memories.


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