The Neptune City-Saturn Town Review #11: Paul Benson’s Lady Luck

20 Feb

The Neptune City-Saturn Town Review #11: Paul Benson's Lady Luck

The following is meant to correct a great oversight.

Before Mouse’s FRED FLYPOGGER, Roth’s RAT FINK, Dormer’s HOT CURL, or even Von Dutch’s FLYING EYEBALL, the LADY LUCK design was the first great kustom kulture icon to capture the American imagination. While the logo continues to be appropriated by countless artists across the complete media spectrum (with some even having the audacity to claim original authorship), its true origin is largely a frustrating mystery—that is, until today.

The image presented in compliment to this installment of the Neptune City-Saturn Town Review is scanned from the very first appearance of this iconic figure, the work of now forgotten Chicago artist Paul Benson in his humorous 1941 collection of prints “Etchings!”.

During WWII, Benson’s LADY LUCK design became popular nose art for our military air craft (some possibly even painted by Benson himself?), and the G.I.s loved her so much they started putting LADY LUCK on their hot rods when they returned home.

The rest is history. Wherever you are Paul Benson, I hope you get the recognition you deserve one day!

Well, that’s all for now, and remember: “Freedom is Ink on the Page”


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