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Friday Night Is Ub Iwerks Night

28 Feb

Hey everyone! Why not make this Friday night an Ub Iwerks night?

Ub Iwerks was one of the most influential animators from the golden age of Hollywood animation, and definitely worth a look for anyone harboring a love for art and animation.

While Mr. Iwerks’ work isn’t shown on TV as much anymore, there are plenty of examples found on good ol’ YouTube.

From all of those old Mickey Mouse cartoons Iwerks created with his best buddy Walt Disney (check out “Steamboat Willie,” “The Karnival Kid,” “Plane Crazy,” etc), to his independent efforts like those crazy Flip the Frog cartoons (I particularly like the first installment, “Fiddlesticks”) and great gems like “Jack Frost” (one of my favorite cartoons), there is a whole lot of great Iwerks toons out there to enjoy.

Rediscover those classics folks, and keep the memories of these great animators alive and well. Who else is going to do it?       


New from the Neptune City-Saturn Town Press for 2014

28 Feb

New from the Neptune City-Saturn Town Press for 2014

Hey everyone. I have two new books out now for 2014. Here are the links! Check them out!


Sweet Fresh Air Wow

26 Feb

Sweet Fresh Air Wow


The Neptune City-Saturn Town Review #11: Paul Benson’s Lady Luck

20 Feb

The Neptune City-Saturn Town Review #11: Paul Benson's Lady Luck

The following is meant to correct a great oversight.

Before Mouse’s FRED FLYPOGGER, Roth’s RAT FINK, Dormer’s HOT CURL, or even Von Dutch’s FLYING EYEBALL, the LADY LUCK design was the first great kustom kulture icon to capture the American imagination. While the logo continues to be appropriated by countless artists across the complete media spectrum (with some even having the audacity to claim original authorship), its true origin is largely a frustrating mystery—that is, until today.

The image presented in compliment to this installment of the Neptune City-Saturn Town Review is scanned from the very first appearance of this iconic figure, the work of now forgotten Chicago artist Paul Benson in his humorous 1941 collection of prints “Etchings!”.

During WWII, Benson’s LADY LUCK design became popular nose art for our military air craft (some possibly even painted by Benson himself?), and the G.I.s loved her so much they started putting LADY LUCK on their hot rods when they returned home.

The rest is history. Wherever you are Paul Benson, I hope you get the recognition you deserve one day!

Well, that’s all for now, and remember: “Freedom is Ink on the Page”


Snowed In Watching iCarly by the Fireside

7 Feb

Snowed In Watching iCarly by the Fireside