The Neptune City-Saturn Town Review #9

8 Dec

For this installment of the Neptune City-Saturn Town Review, I would like to take the opportunity to direct everyone’s collective attention toward what is probably one of the coolest films I’ve ever seen—1991’s musical comedy Alyas Batman en Robin (a quirky production from the Philippines which is the stuff of YouTube dreams).

Given the fact that I have been such a Batman fan over the years, it is possible that this unsanctioned homage to the “Dynamic Duo” strikes a powerful sentimental cord (a homage can do that sometimes). Regardless, it was a very fun movie to watch (though I only understood the random snatches of English peppered throughout the feature, cinema is a universal language, and the general gist of things was easy enough to get some grasp of).  

I think that Alyas Batman en Robin represents the type of films which would have been produced in the United States during the 1990’s if public domain had been allowed to take its intended course within our own jurisdiction.

The film is a work of complete artistic license, and that element makes it extremely entertaining.   

While other critics who I have stumbled across give Alyas Batman en Robin less than glowing reviews, this attitude is clearly based on the degree of hallowedness in which they hold the source material, coupled with the unmatchable sweeping operatic majesty achieved in the Burton, Schumacher, and Nolan outings.

While the comic books and official films really are tops, I feel that Alyas Batman en Robin should be viewed as what it is (instead of what it is not): a fascinating anomaly in the life and adventures of everyone’s favorite “Caped Crusaders.”

And it doesn’t hurt that the songs are incredibly catchy and witty either (the tunes are borrowed from popular Americana as well). I particularly enjoyed the closing number where the Joker sings “Now we will fear God.”

Perhaps one day in the future (even if it is a hundred or more years from now), when Batman and Robin do enter irrevocably into the public domain worldwide, Alyas Batman en Robin will enjoy a greater exposure and success beyond the realm of dearly loved fandom YouTube channels. 

If not, it shall remain the stuff of whispered rumors and legends.              

Well, that’s all for now, and remember: “Freedom is Ink on the Page”


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