Did You Know This Piece of Trivia? Well, I’ll Tell You Then.

27 Nov

My old alma matter Monmouth University was actually used as the location for Daddy Warbucks’ home in John Huston’s wonderful Annie film adaptation.

More precisely, the late Mr. Huston used Wilson Hall. Unfortunately, I never had any classes in that particular building. Nevertheless, I still got to see plenty of it during my time there.

Wilson Hall is certainly a really neat part of comic book history thanks to the brilliant Mr. Huston, and because of my lifelong love of this art form, it is really great to have had “the Warbucks estate” figure into my own personal history.

I used to photograph the M.U. campus to use as backgrounds for some of my Neptune City-Saturn Town cartoons back in The Outlook days, and I think (if memory serves me right) Wilson Hall cropped up in a few.

How could it help itself? Such a beautiful building! Foxy couldn’t resist.  

Now anytime I get feelings of nostalgia welling up for old M.U., I just have to pop in a tape of Annie and wish my alma matter all the best, as it is enjoyed by new generations of hopefully equally-appreciative students.  

Thank you Mr. Huston.             


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