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Did You Know This Piece of Trivia? Well, I’ll Tell You Then.

27 Nov

My old alma matter Monmouth University was actually used as the location for Daddy Warbucks’ home in John Huston’s wonderful Annie film adaptation.

More precisely, the late Mr. Huston used Wilson Hall. Unfortunately, I never had any classes in that particular building. Nevertheless, I still got to see plenty of it during my time there.

Wilson Hall is certainly a really neat part of comic book history thanks to the brilliant Mr. Huston, and because of my lifelong love of this art form, it is really great to have had “the Warbucks estate” figure into my own personal history.

I used to photograph the M.U. campus to use as backgrounds for some of my Neptune City-Saturn Town cartoons back in The Outlook days, and I think (if memory serves me right) Wilson Hall cropped up in a few.

How could it help itself? Such a beautiful building! Foxy couldn’t resist.  

Now anytime I get feelings of nostalgia welling up for old M.U., I just have to pop in a tape of Annie and wish my alma matter all the best, as it is enjoyed by new generations of hopefully equally-appreciative students.  

Thank you Mr. Huston.             


Now Available from Neptune City-Saturn Town Press

25 Nov

If you have some last minute Christmas shopping to take care of (as is the case for most of us) and are completely at a loss about what to get at this late date (again, like most of us) to ever-so-nicely squirrel under your friend or loved one’s special Christmas tree, Neptune City-Saturn Town Press has just the solution to your holiday dilemma.

Now available through Amazon is the science fiction epic THE GLIDER TRIUMPHANT.

In last year’s sold-out NEPTUNE CITY-SATURN TOWN AND THE DIFFERENT PEOPLE, The Glider (a veteran of the Andromedan War) became President of the United States. Now, with our hero’s term in office completed, he embarks on one final mission to the stars.

Here is the link:

Also still available (through both Amazon and Barnes and Noble) is my first non-fiction book SINCERE OBSERVATIONS CONCERNING BUSINESS AND AMERICAN LIFE. The beauty of art, history, folklore, and the world we live in today is addressed.

Solve your Christmas shopping needs while also supporting the independent press!

“Freedom Is Ink on the Page”


The Neptune City-Saturn Town Music Video Pick of the Week

17 Nov

The Neptune City-Saturn Town Music Video Pick of the Week

All the folks dwelling in that fabled land of Neptune City-Saturn Town have been polled, and with their votes cast–the survey done–the Music Video Pick of the Week shall be…drum roll please…

“Doing It Right” by The Go! Team


Don’t Forget…

17 Nov

Don't Forget...

Hey Neptune City-Saturn Town readers!

Don’t forget to check out my very own YouTube channel over there at:

[I actually recorded the music used in the shorts a number of years ago, and it finally came in handy over a decade later! Hooray!]

Also, I want to say once more that it was really super nice of all those very inspirational ladies and gentlemen who took the time to share their own take on rejection with all of us like they did. Big round of applause to one and all!!! Certainly inspired me big time! What nice people!

Well, that’s all for now, and remember: “Freedom is Ink on the Page”


The Neptune City-Saturn Town Music Video Pick of the Week

9 Nov

The Neptune City-Saturn Town Music Video Pick of the Week

“Sweetness and Light” by Lush

[While TV stations broadcasting in Neptune City-Saturn Town still carry a lot of the old 1990’s programing (including music video gems from that special time period), the rest of us will have to be grateful for YouTube, and all the creative folks who go out of their way to post cool stuff from those bygone days]