The Truth About Rejection…Mallory Lewis

7 Sep

Renowned ventriloquists of the vaudevillian stage Edgar Bergen and John W. Cooper both had daughters who regrettably avoided the specialized profession and art form which each father had spent so many years struggling to perfect. Fortunately, Mr. Cooper was able to find an eager pupil in the person of Shari Lewis, daughter of the “official magician of New York” Dr. Abraham Hurwitz (an individual renowned for his own knowledge and ability in the realm of illusion). Thus, the “guarded secrets of the trade” possessed by this celebrated master of ventriloquism were happily bequeathed to the next generation, and Shari Lewis—drawing upon the genius of her own father in compliment to the lessons of her tutor—clearly exceeded even Mr. Cooper’s and Mr. Bergen’s abilities in an extremely distinguished career which brought laughter and learning to both children and their parents, and made her joyous roster of characters (including Lamb Chop, Hush Puppy, and Charlie Horse) household names .

Mallory Lewis, the daughter of Shari and the current recipient of the brilliant torch of the Hurwitz family legacy devoted to bringing joy into the lives of others, continues to demonstrate an equal mastery of the ventriloquist art as that practiced by her late mother; perpetuating the beloved Lamb Chop tradition of excellence which found its germ over half a century ago amid Dr. Hurwitz’s many benefit performances dedicated to the children of New York. Like her mother before her, Mallory Lewis continues to build upon the tradition of her family while also forging a unique and distinguishable voice.   

I think everyone can agree that the United States of America, as well as the world, continues to be blessed by the tireless work and amazing artistry which Mallory Lewis and her family has shared. This is her response to the rejection conundrum.                         

Mallory Lewis:

Mom always said that the women in our family can’t hear the letter “N”… so a NO, just sounds like an “O”.  Eventually the “naysayer” just gives up! 


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