The Truth About Rejection…Sarah Miller on her father Stanley Mouse

5 Sep

As the jukeboxes spread across 1950’s America blared the rock and roll rebelliousness of luminaries like Buddy Holly, Bill Haley, and Elvis to really get the kids jumping at the greasy spoons and soda shops they frequented, the kustom kulture movement was ramping up into full swing, with hot rodders and surfers congregating in California and getting creative with the formulation of their impending counterculture which would soon change the world during the coming decades. Artist Stanley Mouse was one of the leading influences upon this prominent alternative movement, garbing the youth of the U.S. of A in some of the first of his highly imitated monster tee-shirts (an industry created by Mouse and his only real competitor Ed ‘Big Daddy’ Roth), emblazoning the sensibilities of the Baby Boomers in airbrush with his Freddy Flypogger and assorted weirdoes (a positive moniker of the times).

Teaming up with Alton Kelley in the 1960’s, the dynamic duo helped invent the look of the psychedelic 60’s and 70’s, producing iconic and still sought after Avalon Ballroom posters and album covers for leading bands like the Grateful Dead (becoming that group’s definitive artist).

Mouse (the alter ego of Stanley Miller) is still an active force within the art world at every level, and though he was unable to offer his own take on rejection, his daughter Sarah Miller has very graciously filled in to share a rare perspective on this monumental artist.                        

Sarah Miller:

As an artist my dad has dealt with a lot of rejection but at the same time he is very sure of himself and he values his creations on a level above the ordinary.

My dad has an incredible talent when it comes to doing what he loves and not being influenced by what other people think. He is the most easy going person I’ve ever met and he doesn’t worry about things, he just keeps moving on. My dad never stops working, his prolific catalogue of work is due in part by the fact that he is a night owl and when most people are sleeping he’s painting. 


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