The Truth About Rejection…Marc Hansen

1 Sep

In the prestigious annals of comic book history, the late Now Comics will always be remembered as one of the best publishers in operation during the zenith days of the 1980’s and 1990’s (those sorely missed bygone and fleeting Camelot-esque years formerly enjoyed by the industry once upon a time, when competition was high and diversified, and comic book stores dotted the landscape in greater numbers); a rare distinction of greatness which was almost singlehandedly derived from the prolific and roll-on-the-ground hilarity consistently offered by exceptional cartoonist Marc Hansen. Always populating his fantastic stories with casts of outrageously funny and highly original characters (Mr. Lizard, Dr. Goot, and Holly Hornswoggle are but a few), there is absolutely nothing better than spending a rainy afternoon reading through a stack of his renowned Ralph Snart comic books (a character which began life in the pages of Mr. Hansen’s own college newspaper the Ferris State Torch during the early 80’s), with an extra helping of the just-as-hilarious Doctor Gorpon thrown in for good measure. Mr. Hansen continues to share his Ralph Snart with the world via the web at:, and has very generously taken the time from his busy schedule to offer his own assessment of rejection. Mr. Hansen makes an important point about the positive consequences which “rejection” can generate in an individual’s life and/or career.        

Marc Hansen:

Rejections are great – all of your senses and emotions are heightened as you intensely ponder your abilities and self-worth. Rejection forces your complacent brain to confront and resolve a great internal conflict. After all of this sensory overload crap subsides, you can begin to critically analyze what the hell just happened.

Ask your rejector for specific reasons for the thumbs down, and more importantly, listen. Become a Vulcan, and remove all of those silly human emotions when you mull over those reasons. At least for me, 99% of the time those reasons are right (or at least have value). So, don’t waste time – learn and move on.

Every one of my rejections have been for the best. I’ve looked back at those rejections, and been glad that I wasn’t accepted. All of them have forced me to move in a different direction and that was ultimately more rewarding and profitable. 

One Response to “The Truth About Rejection…Marc Hansen”

  1. Joseph November 2, 2013 at 11:27 pm #

    Wise, concise words from a comics genius.

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