The Truth About Rejection…Suzzy Roche

27 Aug

Whenever I venture into the endless possibility of a local record store, and attempt to thumb through a few of the overwhelming and seemingly endless rows of bins packed-to-overflowing with CD and vinyl recordings reflective of the artistic and/or commercial efforts of over a hundred years worth of musically-inclined talent, it is always the work of critically acclaimed singer, songwriter, actress, and author Suzzy Roche that stands out to me as a shining gem. From inspired collaborations with her sisters Maggie and Terre (who all-together compose the amazing trio The Roches), to equally brilliant and fresh solo efforts like 1997’s Holy Smokes, Ms. Roche continues to demonstrate a touching spiritual depth complimented with an intricate lyrical cleverness and humor. Any of her recordings that I have been lucky enough to find over the years occupy a special place in my own music library (my prize being a vinyl copy of The Roches’ Nurds), while her stunning harmonies remain an agreeable soundtrack-fixture of pack-the-entire-family-in-the-car-and-drive-the-length-and-bredth-of-New-Jersey outings.

Ms. Roche offers a heartfelt take on rejection which is an honor to share with all of you out there in Internetland.                           

Suzzy Roche:

If someone rejects my work, I assume I’ve been barking up the wrong tree.  I expect and accept rejection, but also believe there’s a place for what I create. 

Though I’m not in charge of what other people think, I am in charge of my work habits.  That’s hard enough.  One of the dangerous things about being rejected is that it rattles my faith.  Without faith, I’m sunk.

If I reject myself –– and I do it all the time –– that’s bad.  So I try to be kind to myself. And I try to be kind to others, because they have feelings too. 


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