The Need for a Monmouth University Academic Business Journal

25 Aug

I am a graduate of Monmouth University’s Leon Hess Business School, having earned my B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in management in 2010 (graduating with the highest overall GPA in the Leon Hess School), and my MBA in 2011. I am a twice recognized member of Beta Gamma Sigma, and the recipient of the Management Excellence Award (May 2010). I was also a semifinalist in the GMAT MET Fund “Ideas to Innovation Challenge” (2010) for my proposal on improving upon prevailing MBA curriculum.

While I have always had the deepest love for the arts in all of its moving and transformative realizations, and have certainly demonstrated as much during college and beyond through writing, illustration, and performance (you don’t devote twenty years of your life drawing a little fox dressed in a shirt, blue jeans, and a beret if you don’t love what you are doing), a fascination with business academic theory is another passion.    

I am writing out of the pride which I have for Monmouth University as a whole, and the Leon Hess Business School especially. I herein post these thoughts to hopefully encourage other Monmouth University alumni and students to let their alma matter know if they too wish for it the great realization of potential I continue to foresee just on the horizon.   

I feel that a great void which the business school exhibits is the absence of its own academic journal, a publication similar to the Harvard Business Review which would properly reflect the brilliance of the Leon Hess Business School’s faculty, while also creating a potential showcase for works authored by MBA students.

Why should Harvard present the last word on the subject of business scholarship when Monmouth University’s business school is equally accredited by AACSB International. Instead, let the Leon Hess Business School, through its own journal, be the voice of the future.

The tremendous pride which such a publication would bestow upon the university and Leon Hess would be significant. The voice of M.U’s  faculty would assure both the quality and innovation needed to compliment (and compete with) the Harvard Business Review.
It would go a long way in generating additional goodwill; would hold the school out to the rest of the business world as a respected source for innovative and sound academic business discourse; and successfully demonstrate publically the talent reflective of AACSB accreditation which students are privately aware. 

I hope that the future of Monmouth University and the Leon Hess Business School will hold such a publication in its infinitely bright tomorrow.

Fingers crossed.


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