The Truth About Rejection…Peter Bagge

22 Aug

Anyone who was on the planet during the glorious 1990’s knows who Buddy Bradley is, and chances are extremely high that if you take a walk down to your friendly neighborhood comic shop, record store, or newsstand you will most likely spot the distinctly stylish work of  talented cartoonist Peter Bagge adorning this month’s batch of new releases. From an accomplished stint as the editor of Robert Crumb’s Weirdo; to his Bradley family adventures in the pages of Fantagraphics’ Neat Stuff and HATE; to commissions for Cracked, MAD, Spin, Entertainment Weekly, Weekly World News—you name it!—Mr. Bagge’s characters and style have become an inseparable part of youth culture.       

Peter Bagge:

Did I ever have to deal with rejection?  Who hasn’t?!?  And I still do, in one way or another: rejected book proposals, TV and movie deals, etc.  It isn’t just a part of being an artist — it’s a part of LIFE.  I can’t imagine how anyone could survive if they CAN’T accept or deal with rejection.  What do you do then?  Crawl into a hole and die?  Or get the most secure government job you can find and stick with it for the rest of your life?  I guess that IS what risk-averse people do, isn’t it?  I suppose we artist types should be grateful for such people, since it means fewer people trying to live off of their art.


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