The Truth About Rejection…Tane McClure

6 Aug

The third take on rejection comes from outside of the comic book industry this time around, with the welcome insight of multi-talented actress/musician/director/editor/producer/business woman Tane McClure.  The daughter of movie and television legend Doug McClure, she has certainly created a legendary career of her own over the last few decades. Whether starring in independent films (I think that all of the best movies that used to be shown on USA Up All Night featured the wonderful comedic or dramatic ability of Tane McClure in some prominent scene-stealing role) or mainstream Hollywood efforts (such as in the Legally Blonde series), Ms. McClure clearly gives the work she is involved in her all. This commendable work ethic has translated into her successful company McClure Video Productions, which continues to create both award nominated and award winning media content.  

Tane McClure:

Rejection and Failure are like the rocks and bumps in your road to success. We must not be afraid of failure.  Because without failure there is no success.  

To be really great at anything you have to develop your skills and that takes time. We can’t wake up one morning and be great at something new. So expect failure and rejection as part of that road to success. When you do fail, dust yourself off and keep going because you know that at the end of this bumpy road is success.  

Rejection is part of the journey along with jealously. Some less brave souls will stand along the side of the road and discourage you.  Remember that there are “do-ers” and the fearful “watchers”.  The “watchers” are too afraid to fail. They feel that it would be too embarrassing to fail. And they think they are proving their point when YOU fail. But when succeed…. And YOU will. Those “watchers” often stand in immobile dismay and jealousy.  But once in awhile… A watcher will walk up to you and say with complete honesty… “Wow! You did it!  I wish I could do that!”

And now you say…. “You can!”


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