The Neptune City-Saturn Town Review

15 Jun

After writing for the university paper for so long, it becomes clearer and clearer that old journalistic habits are hard to break. Therefore, I herein present the very first installment of the “Neptune City-Saturn Town Review,” a designating umbrella to be invoked whenever needed in the endless quest to point out certain fun and creative examples of art and performance to readers (in compliment to the regular in-house cartoons and rare experimental film shorts).

The goal is to inspire.    

First up this time around is the YouTube channel of “Princess Peachie,” put out by the popular online game designer and animator. Her material can be found at:

From the particular selection of videos I had the chance to view, Princess Peachie offers a very fun, lighthearted, and extremely likable series which celebrates her unique fashion sense (influenced by her clear love of Japanese culture); individuality; and “girly girl” toy collection.

Her channel appears to be all-ages friendly, which is certainly rare on the Internet, and a welcome change of pace.

Certainly anyone currently interested in Cosplay, Anime (which was known as Japanimation in my youth), Manga, or just plain fun will enjoy this channel.

Princess Peachie offers the refreshing opportunity to experience a creative person sharing their quirky and engaging sense of humor with viewers.  

After reading Sarah Dyer’s Action Girl Comics for all of those years, it always stood out to me how Ms. Dyer constantly emphasized what she deemed “female friendly” media in her extensive reviews. Princess Peachie would meet that criterion in my opinion.             

That’s all for now, and remember: “Freedom is Ink on the Page!”


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