10 May



Foxy’s Mail Bag

7 May

Hi everyone. I’ve been hard at work on a new 200 page book (written, illustrated, designed, and self-published by yours truly, and starring everybody’s favorite Beatnik Fox). Taking a little breather from such immersive work, I thought it would be interesting to answer at least one of the many questions I’ve recently received.

One observant reader asks:

“Did Christian-based computer game programmer Scott Cawthon name his Five Nights at Freddy’s robots “Foxy” and “Chica” as a homage to your long-running “Foxy and Chick” cartoon characters?”

Great question! I had actually never heard of anything called Five Nights at Freddy’s prior to your letter, and didn’t have a clue what you could be referencing.

My curiosity was certainly piqued though, and I immediately launched a methodical investigation into the matter which would have made the late Edgar Allan Poe himself beam with deductive pride (drawing as I did upon the available journalistic evidence of the press, from which logical deductions were carefully achieved).

While the totality of my “Foxy” characters were created during the mid-90’s, these dearly cherished imaginary friends first gained wide publication in the opportune college press scene beginning in 2007. The Foxy Gang has continually been kept in print (in one medium or another) ever since, including a series of self-published books available from such international booksellers as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

In early 2013, I finally entered the cyber age by launching my very own Neptune City-Saturn Town blog (the one you wonderful readers are perusing right this minute)featuring many of my “Foxy” characters in full-color, single panel cartoons, focusing primarily on the romance of my great lovers Foxy and Chick. By the happy summer of that year I enjoyed additional visions of grandeur and branched out into video by adding a YouTube channel to my growing “media empire,” to spotlight a few experimental cartoons I created, each starring lovey-dovey Foxy and Chick as well.

The summer of 2013 was the most eventful year for this humble little blog, when I posted a series of short interviews with a hand full of leading cartoonists and entertainment personalities called “The Truth About Rejection,” the first installment of which actually went viral, and even got some unexpected coverage in a August 6th, 2013 Heidi MacDonald article for the prominent comic book industry arbiter The Comics Beat. You can read that here at:

I had only imagined that a few struggling artists might chance to see the online rejection spots, and hopefully be sustained and inspired enough to persevere. I’ll also admit that I needed a pretty big booster-shot of encouragement as well, given a virulent strain of disappointment occurring in my own career. I would never have anticipated the degree of attention my blog was accorded, and on such a fathomless international stage as the Internet.

According to a smattering of online interviews and reports, Mr. Cawthon was having his own share of artistic frustrations. Five Nights at Freddy’s, a video game starkly parodying the world famous Chuck E. Cheese’s animatronics, proved to be the cure-all for his woes. First released in the summer of 2014, his video game was released almost a year to the day after both my blog and Foxy & Chick characters had gained so much international exposure.

It is of additional interest to note that CHUCK E. CHEESE’S very own founder, the amazing Nolan Bushnell, was one of the enormously charitable participants in my “Truth About Rejection” series of articles which so defined (with utmost positivity) 2013 in my recollection.

Based upon the evidence placed before us, it becomes a simple matter to connect the applicable dots. I believe we may safely deduce that the naming of Mr. Cawthon’s robots surely must have been meant as a homage to my own dear Foxy and Chick, a clever nod I shall accept with sincerest humility as an act of good faith.

Thank you for bringing this definite homage to my attention. Without your astute letter, the honor would have passed me by, wholly unnoticed.

And remember folks: Freedom is Ink on the Page!



31 Aug

[This is probably my most reprinted work, and a personal favorite: having appeared in Monmouth University’s THE OUTLOOK; NEPTUNE CITY-SATURN TOWN & THE DIFFERENT PEOPLE; and THE BEATNIK FOX’S FASHIONABLE NUMBER. It has been long overdue for a fresh reprinting after a number of years sadly out-of-print.]

The girl continued her walk down the sidewalks of the city, to the café

The cool, new, spring breeze blew her black, short cut hair, and fluttered her long, white dress dotted with pink flowers

Her black, gold-buckled shoes clicked down the street, as her carefree smile shone brightly her lovely innocence

She entered the café, and sat down at a table close to the stage, with tea on its way

A man, dressed in a yellow tee-shirt and brown pants, with blond hair, was talking

Not “talk” talk, but soul talk: Of trees and beauty and many other things, thrown out quick and fast in the rhythm of a true artist

The lights drew sweat from his brow, and he ended his poem with the words LOVE and PEACE

The girl’s tea was ready, and she sipped it quite daintily

Then, as another poet spoke, she took out her sketchbook, which she had carried under her arm and began to sketch the stage and the poet, who was telling his heart in rhymes

She was a poet in her own right, except in pictures

As the evening dawned, she left the café, her sketchbook again tucked under her arm, and began her long walk homeward, tired but good spirited

Her black, gold-buckled shoes clip-clopping down the sidewalks of the city.


Summer’s not over yet, is it?

31 Jul

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30 Jun

“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Out of the Shadows” was the sequel that should have been made decades ago. Bebop and Rocksteady, Krang, Baxter Stockman, and the Technodrome!!!!…Yes, the actual Technodrome!!!

My only complaint is that it had to end.

Definitely looking forward to seeing Tyler Perry return as Stockman in the next outing (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #2 is one of my favorite issues out of the original 1980’s Mirage comic books), and maybe he’ll be bringing his trademark Mousers with him.

Hopefully in this incarnation Mr. Stockman will avoid being turned into a fly or an android (the character has certainly been put through the ringer in comic books and television, but thus are the hazards of being a scientist with Foot Clan leanings).



Rediscovering the Beauty of Summer

27 May

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Ben Affleck Is The Best Batman!

1 Apr

The brand new BATMAN vs. SUPERMAN has been released to the silver screen! The wait is over! Another Batman takes the stage!

 It is a cinematic project which has been in the works for almost two decades, ever since Joel Schumacher first pitched the idea to the Studio heads  all the way back in the late 1990’s, meaning it to be a sterner sequel to his wonderfully operatic, darkly comedic, and dreamlike fantasies  BATMAN FOREVER and BATMAN & ROBIN  (two films that I have always loved, despite all the negative bullying which much of comic book fandom attempted to enact against what sadly became the concluding installment. I guess they never read the flashy Bob Kane originals, and never developed the capacity to appreciate the visually stunning films of artsy directors like Michael Powell. Their loss.).

While Mr. Schumacher’s credit was sadly absent from the recent film (his dream project of twenty years ago, after all),  Batman vs. Superman has been made, and made a masterpiece. I am not going to give away the plot, and thus must stand mute on the entirety. However, I can say that I easily give it five out of five stars! Make that six stars!

For someone who has read as much Batman lore as I have over the years, and watched all the live action films again and again (including the iconic Adam West), and even took the time to symbolically dissect Batman Begins for an intensive assignment in a Joseph Campbell: Myth and Meaning-themed college course; I bestow upon myself an honorary degree in Batman-ology, and thereby have some form of credentials to humbly offer my two-cents.

Being thus well-versed, I hereby endorse Ben Affleck as GREATEST BATMAN OF THEM ALL (he literally stepped right off the pages of Frank Miller’s distinct renderings), and I truly hope that he shall occupy this role for many installments to come. Academy Award worthy, hands down.

Thank you, Mr. Affleck, for raising the Bat-bar to the highest possible level. Now the grueling wait for Part II.