Ben Affleck Is The Best Batman!

1 Apr

The brand new BATMAN vs. SUPERMAN has been released to the silver screen! The wait is over! Another Batman takes the stage!

 It is a cinematic project which has been in the works for almost two decades, ever since Joel Schumacher first pitched the idea to the Studio heads  all the way back in the late 1990’s, meaning it to be a sterner sequel to his wonderfully operatic, darkly comedic, and dreamlike fantasies  BATMAN FOREVER and BATMAN & ROBIN  (two films that I have always loved, despite all the negative bullying which much of comic book fandom attempted to enact against what sadly became the concluding installment. I guess they never read the flashy Bob Kane originals, and never developed the capacity to appreciate the visually stunning films of artsy directors like Michael Powell. Their loss.).

While Mr. Schumacher’s credit was sadly absent from the recent film (his dream project of twenty years ago, after all),  Batman vs. Superman has been made, and made a masterpiece. I am not going to give away the plot, and thus must stand mute on the entirety. However, I can say that I easily give it five out of five stars! Make that six stars!

For someone who has read as much Batman lore as I have over the years, and watched all the live action films again and again (including the iconic Adam West), and even took the time to symbolically dissect Batman Begins for an intensive assignment in a Joseph Campbell: Myth and Meaning-themed college course; I bestow upon myself an honorary degree in Batman-ology, and thereby have some form of credentials to humbly offer my two-cents.

Being thus well-versed, I hereby endorse Ben Affleck as GREATEST BATMAN OF THEM ALL (he literally stepped right off the pages of Frank Miller’s distinct renderings), and I truly hope that he shall occupy this role for many installments to come. Academy Award worthy, hands down.

Thank you, Mr. Affleck, for raising the Bat-bar to the highest possible level. Now the grueling wait for Part II.

Mr. Kat Van Winkle Song

27 Mar

Happy Easter, Everybody!

Kat Van Winkle Song

Celebrating 20 Years of the Beatnik Fox

23 Feb

20 years ago and the Beatnik Fox made his debut, populating the unpublished world of spiral notebooks, notepads, homemade mini comics, and stacks upon stacks of loose typing paper. In 2007 the little guy finally made it to the published world of college newspapers, and eventually graduated to self-published pamphlets,  this blog, a couple of YouTube videos,  and an ongoing creator-owned book series. Speaking of the books, next year I hope to celebrate the Beatnik Fox’s first decade in print with a new work entitled FREEDOM IS INK ON THE PAGE (named in honor of the Beatnik Fox’s enduring motto), which shall recount how Foxy and his sister Tawney (who figures very prominently in the books,  yet only made a small cameo as part of a crowd scene on this blog) first came to Neptune City-Saturn Town. Talk about a joy to write and design!

I’m glad that the Beatnik Fox  continues to enjoy artistic life, and hope that he and his fellow Neptune City-Saturn Town residents will always be a source of joy and inspiration for anyone who happens to make their acquaintance. I will do my best to keep them out there, regardless of the medium available.



A Lasting Friendship is a True Blessing

23 Feb



Resolved to Paint

26 Jan

Resolved To Paint 2016


Christmas Card

11 Dec



Incredibly Thankful

26 Nov